A wide variety of lodging options are available near the Institut.  However, we recommend that you reserve your lodging early to get the reservations you want. A van will provide shuttle service from Malaucene to the shortcourse venue in Beaumont (a 5-10 min drive) multiple times each day.  A list of hotels and other lodging in Malaucene is provided below.

Rental units like apartments are typically reserved by northern Europeans on holiday, and while our early June dates precede the high season, vacationers usually reserve by spring, so it’s best to book these early. Hotel rooms (of which Malaucene has many) remain available later into the year.


Hotels in Malaucene

Malaucene is a popular tourist destination, especially for hikers and cyclists, who climb the Mont Ventoux, so a wide range of lodging options is available.

Prices shown below reflect rates listed for October 2017 for single occupancy, but may be higher in June 2018 (a busier season). In addition to the places listed here, by searching online you can find many privately rented rooms, apartments, and houses in Malaucene and in Beaumont, which normally rent by the week, from Saturday – Saturday. The shuttle to les Alazards will depart from the main street, Cours des Isnards, at a designated spot each morning.

Hotel l’Abri du Ventoux (the ‘shelter of the Mont Ventoux’)
Cours des Isnards, 84340 Malaucène. Tel +33 (0) 4 90 65 27 08
$51/night (includes breakfast)
This 30-room hotel is in the center of town, but “offers panoramic views of the countryside and a truffle menu.”
No website found, but photos, etc can be found on google.

The Blueberry
12 Cours des Isnards, 84340 Malaucène. Tel +33 (0) 4 90 36 31 28
50-59 euro/night
A ‘laid-back’ hotel in the center of town, with rooms upstairs of a popular café/restaurant.

Origan Hotel
Cours des Isnards, 84340 Malaucène Tel +33 (0) 4 90 65 11 68
Another hotel on the main street in the center of town, but no website and little information online.

La Ferme du Desert
6291 Route de Beaumont, 84340 Malaucene Tel +33 (0) 4 90 65 29 54
50 euros/night, but rented by the week, Saturday-Saturday (350 euros/week)
This is a wonderful property owned by a delightful couple, who have a two units available: a private apartment (the ‘bread oven’, capacity 4) and a larger space that can accommodate hiking groups of 10 (the ‘barn’). It’s on the road from Malaucene to les Alazards, where the course is held (the shuttle can stop for you en route).

Hotel Domaine des Tilleuls
Route du Grozeau, 84340 Malaucène
$89/night (breakfast not included)
This hotel is located in a converted 18 th century silk factory, within a large private park planted with lime trees, plane trees, ash trees, cedars and other species, and with a very nice pool. A couple minutes walk to the center of town.
http://www.hotel-domainedestilleuls.com/hotel- mont-ventoux.html

Le Pont de l’Orme (the ‘elm bridge’)
Route de Suzette, 84340 Malaucene. Tel +33 (0) 4 90 46 17 50
$95-165/night (includes breakfast)
This is certainly one of the best restaurants in town, the one place that we try to go each year for a nice dinner. The five rooms look to be very nice, and range from $95-165/night for single occupancy, including breakfast. The building is set in a large field, north from town, and about a five minute walk to the center.
http://www.pontdelorme.com/fr/le-pont- lorme-malaucene- france/

The Ferme du Gros Noyer Farm & Camp; SPA Balneotherapy
Route de Beaumont, 84340 Malaucène Tel +33 (0) 4 90 37 05 49
This is a new and ever-growing complex based on hot baths and therapy, tapping into a new form of tourism for the town.

Vaison-la- Romaine (15 min north by car): If you have a car and prefer a more interesting cultural scene, we also include information on the Hotel Burrhus, a wonderful hotel on the main square in Vaison-la-Romaine (about 15-min drive), which hosts art exhibitions and other events.

Hotel Burrhus
1 Place Montfort, 84110 Vaison-la- Romaine Tel: +33 (0) 4 90 36 00 11
65-80 euro/night
A wonderful hotel on the main square in Vaison-la- Romaine (about 15-min drive), which hosts art exhibitions and other events. Rooms are very clean and reasonably priced, and there is a lively town scene just outside the front door.